How Skipping the Gas Stations Saves You Time

Our family bought a Model X and Model S Tesla in 2018. As a result, my wife and I have not been to a gas station over the past three years. Having owned an automobile that relies on gasoline, the act of driving to the gas station to pump gas became second nature. As a result, we did not need to make our weekly trips to pump gas with electric cars and instead charged our vehicles overnight while we slept. Owning an electric car feels very different because we never really stop to recharge outside of long trips of over 200 miles. That feeling of not having to take weekly trips to get gas or wake up early on the weekend to get an oil change is liberating.

Skipping the Gas Station is Liberating

While the feeling of not having to get gas is excellent, I wanted to try and figure out how much time do you save by skipping the gas station. So the first step I took was to figure out how often the average person gets gas. According to a study, I found most Americans refuel their vehicles once a week. So now I will assume that the average person spends ten minutes driving to the gas station, another five minutes to pump gas, pay, and leave the gas station. That means that the average trip to the gas station on average takes about fifteen minutes per trip. So with a weekly trip to the gas station, the average person, according to my estimate, spends thirteen hours a year driving to and from the gas station and pumping gas.

Just by skipping the gas station over the past three years, we have owned our electric cars, my wife and I each got 39 hours of our life back to use our time as we wish. In addition, charging our electric vehicles at home has been a seamless experience. At the end of the day, we park our car in the garage and plug our car into the charger. The vehicle charges at home overnight when electricity is cheapest, and in the morning, we have a fully charged car. The time it takes to plug your vehicle into a home charger takes less than a minute. And while it takes anywhere from four to nine hours to charge an electric car completely, chargings occur overnight, so you are never waiting.

Charging at Home is Seamless

Also, keep in mind the average American drives about 29 miles per day. And with the most popular electric cars able to all driver at a minimum of over 200 miles on a single charge, the reality most daily charging is topping off the battery, which does not take a lot of time. So owning an electric car is a very different experience and one where there is far less maintenance and support needed to keep your vehicle running. So in addition to skipping the gas station, we have not had to do any maintenance on our cars, which has saved us a ton of time.

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